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Welcome to the Whale and Dolphin Adoption Project

The Whale and Dolphin Adoption Project is a non-profit Charitable Trust. The project works with like-minded organisations to ensureDolphin Talk maximum benefit for our marine environment, and public participation is sought by offering an opportunity to adopt a marine mammal.

The adoption list comprises of free mobile banking seven marine mammals and features a brief introduction of the mammal including its name, species, sex and interesting traits.

There is no limit to the number of "adoptive parents" per marine mammal, and as the project progresses, further marine mammals can be added. The "adoptive parents" will be offered the opportunity to renew sponsorship of their chosen mammal on an annual basis.

The project is metal fabrication shop near me run by volunteers who dedicate many long hours to the successful operation of The Whale & Dolphin Adoption Project.

Our aim is to raise funds for ongoing marine mammal research, education CLEVERTRADING.QA and conservation of the marine environment.

"The Whale & Dolphin Adoption Project encourages individuals, families and corporates to adopt a whale or a dolphin; thus creating an even closer relationship between New Zealanders and cetaceans. I strongly commend the Project's objectives and its fund-raising programmes. It provides even further support for New Zealand's strong conservation position at the International Whaling Commission and in other international forums."
- Jim K. McLay, NZ Commissioner for the International Whaling Commission.

Response to this new endeavour has been phenomenal. The marine mammal community has provided fantastic support to us along our journey in establishing the Whale & Dolphin Adoption Project here in New Zealand. A valuable component of our vision for the Whale and Dolphin Adoption Project is to continue to build alliances with like-minded organisations to strengthen our common goals - as they say ... one person alone may not be heard, but together we will be!

Remember, you can assist the researchers and their on-going vital marine mammal studies by supporting the sponsors; and reporting cetacean sighting whenever possible.

Congratulations - you are now an integral part of the Whale & Dolphin Adoption Project team, securing a brighter future for cetaceans world-wide.

Adopt a whale or dolphin today ....
because they're dying to be saved.       Next Page

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