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Welcome to the Whale and Dolphin Adoption Project

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is this project unique?

Highly respected professionals in the environmental sector form an independent Scientific Evaluation Committee who will review all applications requesting research funding.

Where does the funding go?

  • On-going Scientific Research:
    Researchers who contribute marine mammals to the adoption project receive funds to assist their studies on marine mammals.
  • Research and Environmental Projects:
    Substantial funding will also be available to assist other marine mammal researchers and conservation projects.
  • Education:
    Developing and circulating marine mammal education materials creating public awareness and responsibility.

 About the images on this site:
Up and Over OrcasThe airbrush illustrations on these pages are the work of New Zealand artist, Royce B. McClure. The images are used here with permission from the artist, and are all copyright. More of Royce's work may be seen on his own website: RoyceArt

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